Sentinel Boats

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  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Boat design and construction
  • HDPE Repairs
  • Marine fit out
  • Custom manufacturing

The Sentinel Boats range is manufactured using the robust material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which offers superior durability and reliability in the face of sustained force during air drops and hard beaching. The combination of design and HDPE’s virtues offers a more stable experience for the crew, offering reduced vibration, dampening noise, and lessening personnel fatigue, while its enhanced handling characteristics offer a more stable experience. The Sentinel offers unparalleled performance, safety, and survivability for interdiction boarding, pursuit, tactical assault, and first response applications when failure is not an option.

In the past 12 months, we have supplied vessels to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Queensland Police, Tasmania Police, New South Wales Marine Rescue, New Zealand Defence Force, WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Victorian Parks. From our beginnings 30 years ago, every Sentinel Boats vessel, from dive boats, flood rescue and patrol boats, to oil spill response vessels, remains in commercial survey today.

As an Australian-owned company and Australian-made certified, we service customers who operate in the industrial, mining, water, maritime, aquaculture, and defence industry sectors, distributing globally. Our mission at Sentinel Boats is to drive a sustainable future by creating value for our customers through partnerships, professionalism, and collaboration. We proudly partner with organisations that share our values and create opportunities for our customers.

Our vessels have won awards for:

  • Ausmarine – Best RIB Patrol Boat 2020 
  • Ausmarine – Best Patrol Boat 2019 
  • AIMEX – Best Commercial Innovation for Aquatruck 2016 
  • Ausmarine – Best Aquaculture Support Vessel 2016 
  • Work Boat World – Best Survey Vessel 2015 
  • Ausmarine – Best Speciality Boat Builder 2014 
Company Information

10 Bender Drive, Prince of Wales Bay, 7009 TAS


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Ship and watercraft construction

The meticulous assembly and integration of materials, systems, and engineering principles to craft vessels capable of navigating and enduring the dynamic forces of water.

The meticulous assembly and integration of materials, systems, and engineering principles to craft vessels capable of navigating and enduring the dynamic forces of water.


Pivot is a maritime simulation manufacturer specialising in portable simulators that can be easily installed and used on ships or on land. Our goal is to keep people in peak performance, wherever they may be.

Sentinel Boats

Sentinel Boats design and build high quality, safe and robust tactical watercraft and unparalleled workboats for the defence, maritime security, aquaculture, emergency services and civil construction sectors. Our mission is to create durable products for harsh environments, capable of bringing on-water crews home safely every time. Our unwavering commitment to producing strong and long-lasting vessels, proven in the toughest environments on the planet, ensures our boats always exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. Built from high-performance high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Sentinel Boats are virtually indestructible and offer unmatched stability, safety, and performance.

Penguin Composites

Penguin Composites manufactures products by moulding, laminating, spraying, filament winding, vacuum and infusing. Regular customers include Thales, Caterpillar, Qube, Elphinstone and Muirs Engineering.


Anchor winches and windlasses to suit all sizes of boat from 5m to 150m long, plus all accessories to suit anchoring requirements. Made in Australia.


Leading the world in the transition to zero emission passenger and vehicle ferries, Incat is at the cutting edge of environmentally friendly craft, providing optimal lightweight solutions for ferry operators and special service providers. Incat sets the global benchmark in aluminium ship technology.

Crisp Bros

Crisp Bros & Haywards Margate Shipyard specialise in marine design, manufacture, outfitting and delivery of new builds along with repair and maintenance of steel and aluminium boats and vessels. We also offer general fabrication and engineering services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals including pipework and structures for the marine environment.