About us

We come from diverse fields and backgrounds, propelled by one single goal: to speak with one voice in promoting Tasmania’s maritime industry, from our island to the world.

Collectively and individually, our members represent one of the most innovative sectors in Tasmania, with products and services aimed at both domestic and global markets

We actively seek passionate individuals and entities eager to contribute to the advancement and promotion of Tasmania’s vibrant maritime sector. Our endeavor is to foster an inclusive environment that welcomes and values innovative perspectives, encouraging diverse voices to collaborate in elevating the visibility and significance of our industry on a global scale.

Join us in our mission to champion Tasmania’s maritime excellence, initiating discussions, sharing insights, and forging meaningful connections that propel our industry’s growth and recognition beyond our island shores. We invite you to engage with us, to explore opportunities, exchange ideas, and be an influential part of shaping the future of Tasmania’s maritime landscape.

A message from our chairman

The Tasmania Maritime Network (TMN) is Tasmania’s leading maritime grouping comprising various companies of exceptional expertise and leading edge products, services, technologies and skills.

The TMN provides strategic direction and support for the maritime industry in Tasmania assisting Government and Industry to create opportunities for the marine sector which is an important and valuable contributor to the State’s economy.

The TMN is driving some significant advancements in Tasmania’s maritime industry assisting with the establishment of an Oil and Gas Precinct located at Bell Bay in Northern Tasmania and a Defence Precinct located in the Prince of Wales Bay Marine Precinct in the South.

Jeff Hawkins Chairman