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  • Fiobuoy® submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system
  • Subsea Lift Bags


A robust submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system specifically designed for military and research applications where sensitive or valuable equipment needs to be deployed underwater without a tell-tale surface marker, diver or an ROV for retrieval. Fiobuoy models especially designed for use in fishing and aquaculture industries are also available.
Fiomarine has also worked with customers to adapt its technology for special applications, for instance to take client payloads internally.

Available via MilCIS,  NATO Stock Number 5845-66-152-0028

Competative discriminators

After more than 20 years in defence and research it’s well tried and tested,

and just plain simple to use.  All-in-One subsea retrieval device (Acoustic Release, flotation, rope and rope storage), Can be re-deployed in minutes with no sacrificial parts or return-to-base set up. Each device is addressed via a unique security access code.

Key Customers

Royal Australian Navy, US Navy, Dept Fisheries & Oceans Canada, National University of Singapore, CSIRO.


Tasmania Export Award



John Fiotakis

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Technical Director

Mike Shegog

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