CLS Oceans

*The member number of each sector is as indicated.
  • Wave measurements
  • Water level/tidal measurements
  • Meteorological measurements
  • Desktop studies
  • Software and database development and hosting
  • Project management
  • Marine weather/route forecasting
  • Environmental studies
  • Sale of various oceanographic equipment
  • Accredited service centre for edgetech acoustic releases
  • Various oceanographic instrument rental
  • Satellite tracking
  • Satellite data telemetry and service provider

CLS (collecte localisation satellite, france) and it’s subsidiary CLS Oceania (CLSO), Australia is a global provider of oceanographic and meteorological (metocean) measurement services to the oil and gas industry, coastal engineers, dredging companies and port authorities.

We are also satellite service providers as well as suppliers of satellite tracking devices to the fishing industry for compliance reporting as well as scientific research, for example, wildlife tracking.

CLS Oceania’s metocean management group has more than 50 years’ experience in the maritime industry and is supported by a team of dedicated and experienced oceanographers, data processors and engineers.

Through its offices in Hobart and Cape town – and using an extensive and growing resource of state-of-the-art equipment – CLSO has conducted successful operations in more than 30 countries. CLSO’s focus is the collection and processing of metocean data. We can deploy all equipment separately or integrate it into a larger metocean system. Where data is required in real-time, this is achieved by using cable, radio, gsm or satellite transmission systems.

CLSO is also the exclusive australian representative of axys technologies (wave buoys), edgetech (acoustic releases and sonar), deeptrekker (rov systems), ecosub robotics (auv), deepwater buoyancy (flotation and mooring systems), nautilus (glass flotation and instrument spheres), biosonics (habitat mapping sonar systems), edgerov (rov and drone systems), mooring systems inc. (instrument and mooring flotation), obscape (environmental observations), radac (radar water level and wave sensors) and zebratech (instrument wipers).

CLSO is also a value added reseller for several satellite communications systems such as argos/kineis, inmarsat and iridium.

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