The Maritime State, Taking the world by SEA.

A united representative body of all things maritime in Tasmania. Our members are companies and organisations that offer innovative maritime products and services of exceptional quality. These companies form the Tasmania Maritime Network which offers expertise in manufacturing, engineering, logistics, training, clothing, safety equipment and shipping for both the commercial and military markets.

Industry sectors

TMN has a wide range of members in a number of different maritime related business, producing a diverse range of products, services and advice.

Engineering, fabrication and construction

Transforming ideas into tangible structures, leveraging design, materialization, and implementation to bring projects to life.

Port development and ship operations

The strategic planning, construction, and management of harbor infrastructure to facilitate efficient ship operations, encompassing docking, loading/unloading cargo, and ensuring smooth logistical processes.

Professional and consulting services

Consulting services offer comprehensive expertise and guidance in vessel operations, regulatory compliance, risk management, and strategic planning within the maritime industry.

Research, education and training

The multidisciplinary exploration, learning, and skill development vital for advancing knowledge, safety, and sustainability within the maritime industry.

Ship and watercraft construction

The meticulous assembly and integration of materials, systems, and engineering principles to craft vessels capable of navigating and enduring the dynamic forces of water.

Specialised systems and equipment

A diverse range of tools, technologies, and machinery designed for use at sea, facilitating navigation, communication, safety, and operational functions aboard ships and vessels.


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